Edge Development Review by Portland Architects

“Construction for multifamily developments is an extensive process that requires streamlined building and management skills. The ability to manage both planning and construction requires communicating with clients, builders, designers, and suppliers. Selecting the right expert requires a thorough search, and this list can help you do work in half the time.

Below you’ll find the best multifamily contractors in Portland, Oregon. The names our editorial team has selected stand out from a generous pool of viable candidates. Each one of these firms has been chosen for their work quality, their standing in the industry, and the positive feedback they routinely receive. Many of these companies work on both regional or national scales and provide construction, management, and design services. All of these firms operate in multiple markets including residential, commercial, and industrial.

About Edge Development

Edge consistently provides quality service to Portland clients. The contractor’s services include construction, asset management, design, and development. Exemplary work by the local business once earned the firm a spot among the Fastest-Growing Private 100 companies in the region.

Scott Elliott is an industry veteran of over 25 years. His leadership is instrumental in the firm’s rise to prominence and helped establish the firm’s name among various markets. Projects by his team include commercial, retail, multifamily, single-family, public work, and tenant improvements.

Featured Projects

The Ternium Apartments is a multifamily housing development located in Southeast Portland. The site is located on the corner of a residential community and fits the neighborhood’s aesthetic look. ​Edge served as the developer, contractor, and manager for the 2018 project. The structure includes 12 apartments, each unit built with varying sizes.”

Project by Edge Development

Project by Edge Development

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